10 Steps to Constructing Your Adult Care Home

This is our process as it applies to the qualification and construction of your

Adult Care Home.


  1.  We have a conversation to discuss your plans. It starts with a phone call. We will gladly talk with you in person to go over your needs and expectations.
  2.  Meet with a loan officer to be pre-approved for a one time close construction loan. This establishes the budget for both size and finish levels that fit your needs.
  3.  Sign a contract for construction and deposit your down payment. We have access to unique programs that may ease your down payment burden, under special criteria.*
  4.  Start the custom Design/Build process with our Project Manager. Select the layout and finishes that will go into the construction of your home.
  5.  Locate the property and secure it with an accepted offer.
  6.  Finalize the plans and specifications for any location-specific circumstances.
  7.  Close the construction loan.
  8.  We obtain the necessary permits and construction begins.
  9.  Enjoy the progress of your new home with scheduled site inspections.
  10. Occupancy permit awarded. You perform a final walkthrough and convert your one time close construction loan to a permanent loan.

*By law no one can require you to use their loan officer or lenders. We have built unique relationships with financial institutions which allow us to place loans with reasonable down payments, and flexible mortgage options, that are tailored to your circumstances.

Emerald Valley Development is licensed in Oregon and Washington

CCB License # 182338

Washington License # EMERAVD872RJ

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